New EFS sampler
While waiting on forthcoming releases you may buy and listen to some great synthpop tunes. Check it out at Spotify, Klicktrack or LastFm.

New sounds recorded
At last, we have started to record songs for the forthcoming album. Is a new era of GENDER about to be born?

Only time will tell
We know that we said the forthcoming album would be released in... well, year 2007. But good things takes time to make. Please be patient, new romantic GENDER songs are coming!

"We didn't speak for years"
Read the so called truth in a new interview with GENDER at Synth.nu

Crazy and experimental
The compilition get great reviews at Synth.nu and is selling well right now at Klicktrack. Also, you can now listen to the interview by streaming Studio 101.


The Origin Of Gender
The compilation with reproduced, remixed and remastered golden tracks will be released by Klicktrack on Friday 25th of January.

On the radio again
On the evening at 21.00 on Tuesday 22th of January GENDER will be interviewed by Studio 101.

Release party
In order to celebrate the release of the compilation "The Origin Of GENDER", we are having a party the 25th of January. Welcome to Vinylbaren in Malmö at 20.00. GENDER play live of course.

Live in Göteborg
Thursday the 16th of August GENDER play live at Club 4 Heroes in Göteborg. We'll enter the stage at 22.00 and it's free enterence.

If I Was A Girl - the video
We are really proud to present our new cool video. If I Was A Girl was directed by our favorite man Nicolas Kolovos and is nothing but a contemporary small-town-boy-video!

Excentric and against the flow
A old review of our single "The Stranger" was found today at Metica. The author compare GENDER to the French excentric man Jad Wio and we must say that it sounds very interesting!

Yes, the new single is out!
Our new single, If I Was A Girl, is on the market. Let us introduce to you three tracks with electronic pop, eurodisco and moody rain. Purchase your own single at Klicktrack.

Stretch, Bend, Twist And Turn
When Giorgio Moroder meets Bob Marley meets techhouse... On the new compilation Electric Fantastic Sound No.3 2007 you can get a foretaste of the forthcoming GENDER single.

On the radio
GENDER was interviewed by the Swedish radio show Studio 101. Step forward 46 minutes and learn more about our visions.

The Stranger - the video!
The amazing duo Nicolas Kolovos and Daniel Grip have produced a fantastic surreal work of art. Watch the video here!

Love Junky uploaded!
To honour our true fans, we have uploaded Love Junky, a classic tune from our first EP. Not only that, we also have added two new clips!

A Boy's Dream
The Swedish webzine Synth.nu has published an interview with GENDER.

Sleazy butt in USA?
Our american friends Fiberlineaudio now offer you to buy Hot Butter!

Love it or hate it
The Stranger seem to provoke people... Anyway, our single got great reviews at Neurozine some months ago.

And another new single...
"Gender return with their distinct brand of electrowave. No Name, No Face conjures dark feelings of love, lust and intrigue". Fiberlineaudio has now released No Name, No Face as a digital single.

Something really strange
The Stranger gets great reviews at Zero Magazine: "You can't make music like this, can you?"...

New single!
Our label Electric Fantastic Sound has now released a new digital single, The Stranger. Listen to the songs and buy the single at Klicktrack.com.

Skåne, here we come!
This very Thursday the 6th of April we will enter the stage at club Undercut in Lund.

No Void... again
Our ambition to get to Void has failed a second time. The gig is cancelled.

Electric Fantastic Sound!
Yes, we have joined the label Electric Fantastic Sound. The next GENDER EP will probably be released by this company later this year.

Void Spring Festival
Saturday the 6th of May we will perform live at the Void Spring Festival in Kalmar. Bands as Thermostatic and Code 64 will also be there.


More live pics
Photos from the gig at Disaster are now uploaded.

Nouvelle Culture
Johan@GENDER has remixed a song for Nouvelle Culture, our friends in France. Support indiependent music and buy their album Fading Pictures!

New gigs
Friday the 25th of November we play live at Art Club in Malmö, hopefully with an extended show. And next year we finally have a gig in Göteborg again, this time at Sticky Fingers.

New single
A second single, No Sense, is released by Fiberlineaudio. Let us quote: "...Middle Eastern influences with electro beats, new wave overtones, a bit of mystic flavor and the songwriting style of GENDER create another genre crushing slice of electronica!".

Everybody is invited!
This Saturday the 5th of November GENDER will perform a different live set at a release party for the latest issue of Ryska Huset. The event will be at Vänder sig om, Göteborg.

Songs signed!
GENDER has signed five songs to Fiberlineaudio, an american record label, where you can buy our digital singles. First single release will be "The Power".

GENDER to Denmark
Wednesday the 19th of October we are performing live at Lades in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Gig at Disaster
Friday the 28th of October we will play live at klubb Disaster, Stockholm.


La Vedette live
Yes, a second video is up. Watch La Vedette right away!

Hot Butter Eurohaus remix
Hey, ya'll eurodisco fans out there! Dance your ass off to the Hot Butter Eurohaus Remix. It's now or never because GENDER won't do stuff like this in the future...

It makes no sense!
Now you can listen to full versions of Hot Butter, La Vedette and No Sense.

Band of the month
An interview with GENDER is published at metica.se.

Live video
A video version of The Power from the gig at Gump, Göteborg is currently uploaded.

Clips uploaded
Listen to some snippets before buying the record...

The new record is out!
"Help Crush GENDER" is finally released! Five great tracks with new romantic electropop. The record also includes a new version of Hot Butter.


No Void
The gig at Void is set to the future because of misbehavour of an other band...

New gigs in May
We have some forthcoming gigs in May: Void in Kalmar and Gump in Göteborg that you have to experience. Go to "gigs" for specific dates.

"Time for love"
The article from Ryska Huset is now available to download if you haven't bought the magazine. Note: it's written in Swedish.

Groupies, gaydisco and money fight!
The Swedish cultural magazine Ryska Huset has published a revealing article about GENDER.

Live in Växjö
Thursday the 27th of January we will perform live at Smålands Nation in Växjö.

New photos
Some pictures from our gig at Spacelab is now available at the photo section.

Hot Butter!
By public demand we finally have recorded and uploaded a version of Hot Butter. This synthpop track is inspired by our musical heroes Bronskie Beat and Little Richard.

This very utopian Friday
On Friday the 19th of November, GENDER will play live at Utopi, Skövde. Besides us, the amazing Goto80 will perform his retrofuturistic computergrooves on the stage. What a posse!

The gig at Fängelset is canceled.

GENDER made a short, but intense visit to Rookiefestivalen, Hultsfred. Read a review of our concert here. We also appear on a collection record from the festival.

Live at Spacelab
Friday the 3rd of December we have a gig at Spacelab at Henriksberg, Göteborg. The club is focused on music as EBM, synthpop and electronica. And remember: the greater mass, the greater show!

Gig at Fängelset
Wednesday the 10th of November GENDER will play live at Fängelset, Göteborg. They will have an electro theme for the evening and two other bands will also perform.

New recordings
We have started to record songs for the next CD. The sound is a little bit darker och harder this time. The EP is planned to be released in December or in January. We will upload some material as soon as a track is finished.

Excellent response from Russia
"A kicking-ass reviews on Gender EP" is now found at the top Russian synth-related website www.synthpop.ru. Read it... if you know russian.

GENDER goes to Småland!
Friday the 29th of October we will perform live at Rookiefestivalen in Hultsfred. Our concert starts at 21.25 and we will play at the Swing stage. We also hope to get a chance to deliver some GENDER EPs to Silverbullit and Sahara Hotnights...

Live at Utopi
Friday the 19th of November we will play live at Utopi, Skövde. More information about this gig is coming up soon.


Guests of Aniara
On Sunday the 19th of September we are invited as guests to Aniara, a radioshow focused on electronic music. Tune in to 103.1 mHz or listen live on the Internet. The show is broadcasted at 22.00-00.00.

Photos from the 80's gig
Check out some pictures from the succesful gig at 80's. Thanks to all who were there!

GENDER gets great reviews
Check out the latest review of the GENDER E.P. at dagensskiva.com. Let us quote some lines in swedish: "Kitsch? Trillar av skalan långt borta på kanten. Bra? Som fan."


Live at 80's!
On Friday the 20th of August we will perform live at 80's at Kompaniet, Göteborg. The club is focused on music from the 80's, synth and electro. We will play around 23.30. Join us dancing!

"Like a machine"
Download this track and get a lesson why men are sexual machines.

Exclusive interview on P3 Demo
Don’t miss the opportunity to hear the first interview ever with GENDER! They will also play two of our songs, "No name, no face" and "Like a machine". Tune in P3 Demo, Saturday the 24th of July. The radioshow is broadcasted at 20.03-22.00.

Do you want to say something? Share your thoughts in our guestbook!

Buy our CD!
Buy your copy at Bengans recordstore at Stigbergstorget, Göteborg or order it online. You can also purchase CD's directly from us. Go to "music" for more information.

Listen to GENDER
Finally you can download two songs from the record. Go to "music" and listen!

New CD!
Now you can get your own copy of the GENDER E.P. The record contains four tracks of hyperdisco, electropop, German technoschlager and indie-hymns.

Release party!
On Saturday the 24th of April we will have a release party together with Transwagon. The place is Villa Odinslund in Göteborg (Örgryte, near Liseberg). The gates will open at 21.00 and we will play live around 22.00. The price is 50 kr and includes a drink AND a CD.

Buy your ticket at the clothing shop DNA Groove (Skolgatan, Haga) or contact us by e-mail. Note there is only a limitied amount of tickets and you have to buy them in advance!

Don't you know how to get there? Here is a map!