You are a gender
GENDER is the result of two young men’s lifelong friendship. None of us being your typical male macho, we wanted to explore and challenge the boundaries of the male gender in our own terms. In order to do so we wanted to use the vehicle of music.

Since 2003, the year GENDER was born, it has been a constantly rewarding process. Although our goal might not be as radical as creating an altogether genderless society, we found that our music sees no frontiers, and that we can use it to enhance our possibilities as human beings.

GENDER is a way for us to develop our gender roles outside of definitions that society imposes upon us. But as for all diseases you have to accept it before you can act upon it. And therefore we truly are a gender!

The history
After many years of colloberation, GENDER was finally formed in 2002 at a point where our musical interests finally could meet. Before this, we had been making music seperatly for many years. The unique sound of GENDER origin from these our totally different musical backgrounds.

When will we be famous?
GENDER will continue being creative and make all that music that means something to us, no matter genre. We have things coming...